What is WordPress Plugin? | How To Install Plugins

A plugin is a small extension programmed specifically based on the API and open functions of WordPress to create a feature that WordPress does not have by default. To make it easier to understand, the plugin is a module that adds a certain function that you can install into WordPress.

Currently, the number of plugins for WordPress can be said to be uncountable, just the official plugins available on the plugin library, there are tens of thousands of different plugins, not to mention a lot of paid plugins. Other are scattered on many different sites.

Why is it necessary to use the Plugin?

It can be said that the Plugin is like adding the detailed power for WordPress, you want to SEO for the website also need the Plugin, want to create Popup also need to use the Plugin or want to create features of the sales pages that also have to use the Plugin … so you probably understand the importance of the Plugin already. Everything you want to do on the website can be done through the Plugin, so it is extremely important for the operation and development of WordPress Website.

Some plugin examples

The ” SEO by Yoast ” plugin is one of the best website SEO support plugins for you.

The ” TinyMCE Advanced ” plugin is an important plugin, it is a collection of text editing, alignment and writing tools on your website.

The plugin ” WP Statistics ” is a plugin to help measure website access, statistics to every detail.

Where to download the plugin?

You can download the Plugin directly at the WordPress main website

Or search for keywords on Google, so search in English and have the word “WordPress plugin” behind the keyword to get more accurate results.

Check the Plugin

This is a necessary step for you to have a satisfactory Plugin, you need to check the following parameters:

Based on the star criteria to evaluate, the more stars the plugin has, the more reputable it is

Check the supported version of the Plugin

Check the Description section to see what this plugin has

Install the plugin for WordPress

How to install the plugin using the control panel
And of course, you must log in to the admin panel to be able to do this job. After logging into the dashboard, follow the link below to access the plugin settings.

Dashboard »Plugins» Add New

Do you feel like installing the interface for WordPress? In the search section, there are keyword options below for you to find the plugin that suits your needs.

Install the plugin using Filezilla software

This is one of the popular FTP Client software today, you can also use some other software such as WinSCP, FlashFXP, CutePro …

In this way, you must also search for plugins using Google or go straight to the WordPress plugin page to find and download the computer. After downloading, you can extract and upload to the WordPress plugins directory to use.

You can find the plugins directory very easily, first, you go to the root directory of hosting, then to the wp-content folder and you will see the plugins folder.

Activate and use the Plugin

After you have uploaded the plugin on your hosting, you must enable it to use it. To do this, you have to go to plugin management.

Dashboard »Plugins» Installed Plugins

This page will list all the plugins you currently have, hover over the plugin you want to activate and click on the Active link to use it.

Plugins or interfaces have their own options, if your plugin has additional settings or customization, you must configure it to use it.

Note when installing the plugin

A plugin is a double-edged sword, it can make your blog work better but it can also make your blog less secure and run slower. For that reason, you should not install too many plugins, but only those that are truly necessary.

The plugin on the WordPress home page is said to be secure because it has been censored before posting, so please use the plugins found on this site, do not download the plugin from the external link if you are not sure about the effect. fake as well as understanding the code inside.

The plugin is an indispensable component when using a WordPress blog, it is considered as one of two powerful hands of WordPress. Choose for really good and useful plugins, do not install too much to increase security and help page loading speed faster.

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